Homemade Dough

Everybody can make pasta. Trust us. It’s really easy and the result will amaze you.

There’s different ways and, of course, 1000s of recipes. We can’t mention all of them. And there’s no need to do so.

We focus on the recipes of Gennaro Contaldo who is widely known as the Italian legend who taught Jamie Oliver all he knows about Italian cooking and is one of the UK’s best-loved chefs. You can find his website here.

But as some of you might prefer doing it with your machine, let’s start with the „KitchenAid Stand Mixer Pasta Roller Attachment“ first. 

Scroll down on this page to see how the Roller Attachment looks like and where you can get it.

It’s very comfortable and enables you to make perfect pasta with your stand mixer.
Two official videos will give you an overview:

But perhaps you don’t have such a machine or your prefer handmade (not only homemade) pasta.

In this case, Gennaro Contaldo will teach you how to do it. In the following three videos you will see, how easy and quick it’s done.
Gennaro shows how to make PASTA dough and PIZZA dough and finally how to make the different pasta shapes (which is little more tricky perhaps).

But now enjoy the video showing how to prepare a perfect and original Italian pasta dough at home:

And here’s the same for the perfect handmade original Italian pizza dough (including pizza topping). It’s so easy! 🙂

Absolutely worth trying: How to make perfect pasta shapes at home? Gennaro Contaldo will show you. And yes, it’s little tricky. Little only.

Buon appetito!